Career and Wealth Analysis

Career and Wealth Analysis

Detailed Career and Wealth Analysis

Every business requires a specific skill set and not everyone can succeed in every kind of businesses. Its better to confirm & verify your suitable businesses through Astrology. Keeping a correct name as per Astrology of your business adds wings to your business which further helps you grow high in your professional life. As it is truly said “There is a lot in a Name”. In this service you would get to know your suitable business, right year & time to start, How colors as per numerology adds charm to your business name etc.

Your Career and Profession analysis is going to offer you a clear new insight into the planetary positions in your horoscope. The actual time periods associated with rise, adjustments, instant gratifications, work challenges, promotions and so on would be outlined separately.

All you need to do is simply provide us with your date, time, & place of birth. Once you do this, you can leave the rest of the work to our team and relax.

Our skilled astrologers would assist you by answering some of your burning questions such as:

  • When would I get job?
  • Will I get the job of my choice?
  • When would be the right time to switch my job?
  • When can I expect to get a raise or promotion?
  • Could there be a person who is trying to harm my career?
  • When would my working conditions change for the better?
  • I am suspended from my job. Would I be reinstated any sooner?
  • I would like to get a transfer. When should I expect that?

Using the unique Vedic scientific calculations, our expert astrologers would prepare your Career report. This report would have various charts & dashas (time periods) thoroughly studied and analyzed. It would provide you with a detailed evaluation of the things to come in future, such as, the ups & downs.

In case you are experiencing problems in your professional or work life, need not stress. A customized Career report would help you overcome the bad periods and suggest you the appropriate solution to reduce your job related problems. The extensive analysis is going to assist you in channelizing your efforts towards achieving your dreams & make full use of the fortunate periods of your life. thus, helping you taste success early.

Due care is taken while analyzing your horoscope and advising unique and typically inexpensive remedies to solve your issues. Each of our recommended astrological remedies are safe and produce the desired results.

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