Uncategorized Jupiter Transit in Libra (Tula) – 2017

Jupiter Transit in Libra (Tula) – 2017

Jupiter Transit in Libra (Tula) from Virgo (Kanya) on 12th Sep 2017 to 11th Oct 2018.

In Libra Jupiter will transit in three nakshatras- Swati, Chitra & Vishaka.

Results according to your Moon Sign are as follows:-
Jupiter Transit Effects on Aries (Mesh) – Betterment in relationships, marriage life, expend money on business, foreign travel, legal agreements, and weight gain.

Juptier Transit Effects on Taurus (Vrisha) – Sudden win over enemies, legal matters will be in your favor, drastic progress in career, take care of your stomach, chronic disease will be disheartening, delay in work and some marital problems might give mental stress.

Juptier Transit Effects on Gemini (Mithun) – You will achieve deep knowledge in study, focus on children, eligible can conceive, new opportunities in job, change in Job, love Bells for younger, better relationships with spouse, upgradation of source of earning.

Juptier Transit Effects on Cancer (Kark)- You may face troubles from your relatives & friends, loans, change of residence or vehicle, extension in place, gain of divine knowledge, can bring some pet at home.

Juptier Transit Effects on Leo (Simha) – Extra efforts required to make things work, expenditure on travel & communications, new creativeness in media/ internet fields, progress in career & goals.

Juptier Transit Effects on Virgo (Kanya) – Plan your budget, monetary gain from mother or spouse, marriage Bells, avoid ego problem (can give misery & clashes).

Juptier Transit Effects on Libra (Tula) – Destiny will however remain in your favor, it will give expansion & growth, improve health, simplicity in life, travel for business, focus on improving your health, fulfill all your responsibilities towards family & subordinates.

Juptier Transit Effects on Scorpio (Vrischik) – Expenses will rise, foreign tour, children may travel abroad for education, take care of your health, business relationships with MNC, best time to get pleasure & achieve dreams.

Juptier Transit Effects on Sagittarius (Dhanu) – Solutions to your problems as per desire, gain from ancestors property, growth in career, economic position will be strong, promotions in jobs.

Juptier Transit Effects on Capricorn (Makar) – Increase in career related difficulties and complications in life, expenses will rise, short & long journeys, fame in society & work (but no financial gain), change in job for betterment, formation of new circle.

Juptier Transit Effects on Aquarius (Kumbha) – Success, luck, prosperity, good health will all become a part of your life, monetary gain, gain from father/ uncles, things will get better, teachers / philosophers / religion dependents get gains.

Juptier Transit Effects on Pisces (Meen)- Mix results, sudden change in home, start of some research work, some losses in business, can face married life issues, restless feeling due to problems from every corner, spiritual gains.