Uncategorized 2017: The Year ahead for you

2017: The Year ahead for you

Prediction on the basis of RASHI

1. Aries- Benefits in competition/long term investment/ betterment in job or work. Mental disturbance. Health problem. Spouse ill. From September fabulous new source of income & improvement in financial condition. Invest carefully in share market. Marriage bells of unmarried. Take care of stomach & BP.
Not Favourable- January, March, September.

2. Taurus- Great time to plan a kid. Invest in foreign markets. Change in job/home. From September time to work hard. New source of income. May plan to go abroad. Hard work will improve financial position. Success in higher education. Time for new relationships. Urine related diseases may occur.
Not Favourable- April, August, December.

3. Gemini- Expenses on home/ purchase of land. Attraction towards opposite sex. Health problem. From September success in business, increment due to promotion in job. Opportunities for abroad. Relief in life. Stay alert while driving. Take care of skin.
Not Favourable- January, July, December.

4. Cancer- Expenditure on travel/ pilgrimage. Job problem. Unexpected expenses. Low your voice tone. Take care of your liver. After September accomplishment of long pending works. Be careful while dealing with friends & business partners. Good time for long term investment. Avoid gambling. Success in competition. Plan for home. Less time for partner. Good health.
Not Favourable- February, April, June, September.

5. Leo- Purchase of vehicle or land. Promotion in job. Bold decision. Engage yourself in spiritual activities. After September success in business & job. Students need to take care in studies. Misunderstanding with spouse. Take care of child health. Benefit in health & mental peace.
Not Favourable- March, July, August, December.

6. Virgo- Plan for a kid. Tension in work. Friends will help. Abroad chances. Marriage bells. From September businessmen require patience & job holders need to work hard. Stow down in cash in hand. Students avoid laziness. Keep distance from mental stress.
Not Favourable- February, April, August, September.
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7. Libra- Change in home. Recovery of money. Profit booking. Learning of foreign languages or skills. False decisions disappoint. Better health. From September progress in business & job. Be ready for transfer. Don’t take steps in emotions. Financial benefits from abroad. Students need to work hard. Take care of father health.
Not Favourable- March, May, September.

8. Scorpio- Recovery of money/profits. Keep calm, spiritual activities will help to built health reforms. From September support from luck. Expenditure on home. Time for research for students. Control unimportant expenditure. Mind your language. Investment in agricultural land. Take care of stomach.
Not Favourable- January, June, October.

9. Sagittarius- Luck will work. Mind your words. Take care of liver. Marriage bells for singles. From September help in job from seniors. Book profit from land. Long term investment in share market. Family dispute resolved. Satisfaction from child education. Avoid mental stress.
Not Favourable- July, November, December.

10. Capricorn- Luck, growth. Moneywise good time. Expenditure on chronic disease. From September loss in self confidence. Work performance surprises others. New business ventures. Long distance journey beneficial. Less cash in hand. Control your anger. Hurdles in new relationships. Tiredness from work pressure.
Not Favourable- January, June, August, December.

11. Aquarius- Expenditure on parties, travelling. Take care in signing new contract & partnership. After September gain from financial decision. Desire to cash relations. Rise in Profits. Luck will work. Obstacles in education. Benefit from abroad study. Travel with family. Ringing bells of marriage. Average health.
Not Favourable- January, September.

12. Pisces- Victory in all competition. Time favourable for job, love, health, marriage. After September problem in job (Particularly new job). Work hard. Beneficial opportunities from abroad. Avoid risk in money matters. Downfall in image & reputation. Change in subjects/institute. Growth in new relationships. Diabetes may occur.
Not Favorable – February, August, October.