Vaastu in Sanskrit means nature , a surrounding or environment.The word “Vaasthu” came from Vasthu , denoting anything existing such as house, shelter,building etc. Shastra in sanskrit means systems. Vaastu shastra is an ancient art and science,containing principles and practices of constructing buildings which ensures a harmonious balance between man and nature and thereby bring all round happiness,health,wealth and prosperity.

Ancient sages of India laid down several principles for constructing buildings taking advantage of the nature,the Pancha Bhootas namely Earth, Space, Air, Fire and water, gravitational and magnetic effects and rotational influences of Sun,Moon,Earth and other planets on the life in Earth with a view to bring balance and harmony between man, nature and his buildings and thereby ensuring peace,prosperity,and happiness.

These principles, called Vaastu Shastra, were evolved over thousands of years out of experience and foresight of ancient Sages of India and are very valuable for the well being of man-kind. According to Shastras, if we worship,revere and respect the lords of these eight directions,they will shower on us their blessings and benefits.

  1. Esshan ie Ishwar (North-east) – He grants us wisdom,knowledge and serve all comforts and relieves us from sufferings.
  2. Indra (East) – He is the king of angels. He gives wealth and all pleasures of life.
  3. Agni/Fire (South-east) – He gives us beautiful personality and all the best of life.
  4. Yamaa or Yamaha (South) – He is god of death.He is embodiment of dharma.He eradicates evils and grants all good things.
  5. Nissan or Niruti (South-west) – He vanishes fear about our enemies.
  6. Varun (West) – He is god of rain. He showers his blessings through rain and brings prosperity and pleasure in life all round.
  7. Vayu/Wind (North-west) – He bestows on us long life,health and strength.He is the basic of all life.
  8. Kuber (North) – He is god of wealth.He grants us wealth and all comforts of life.

Who does not want all these things in life??? These gods belong to all religions,races and castes and creeds. Now-a-days,when people want to construct a house or other building, they devote more time for minute details of foundation,superstructure, comforts,look,appearance etc.without going into detailed examination as to whether such a house or building will bring them prosperity, health,wealth,wisdom and happiness in the life paving the way for progress and peaceful living or not. Vaastu is such a vast field which really needs specialization if someone want to study it .There are some basic favorable and unfavorable directions which we use in our daily life.


  1. Shape of plot – Favorites are regular shaped square or rectangular plot and irregular shaped plots are normally avoided.
  2. Water-bodies – Water bodies in north or east are considered good.
  3. Obstruction – Obstruction like big trees,open well,pillars and posts before a arrow like roads are to be avoided. building
  4. Ideal site – In a square plot the house should be constructed in the for house centre and in rectangular plot it should be nearer to construction south,south west and west sides preferably leaving more in a plot open space on north and east.
  5. “L” or Considered not suitable for house as corners will be “U” shaped missing and occupants will be missing oppurtunities. plots