Uncategorized Yearly Prediction of 2020

Yearly Prediction of 2020

According to your moon sign/ rashi are as follows:


1.      Aries (Mesh)Change in job/place for betterment. Lucky year after March. Chances of misunderstanding with spouse. Rise in abroad connections. Mind your language. Good time for studies. Children will perform better. Relief in chronic disease. Good decisions for future. Gains by hard work.

Take care of renal disease.

FavorableFebruary, April, June, August, September, December.


2.      Taurus (Vrisha) – Good time for students. Control your expenditures. Change in home. Benefit from luck. Avoid negative thoughts. Try to spend some money on you.

Take care of blood pressure and muscles.

FavorableFebruary, March, June, August, September, November.


3.      Gemini (Mithun) Marriage bells for singles. Abroad connections/ journey. Visa related problems will resolve. A positive year for gains and honors. Make wise investments. Look after your child. Continue hard work for good results. Time to start sadhana. Chances of unnecessary expenditures.

Take care of teeth.

Favorable– February, April, June, August, September, November.


4.      Cancer (Kark)Victory in legal matters. Avoid taking risks. Improvement in health. Marriage bells for singles. Chances of inter-caste marriage. Probability of getting foreign VISA. Good time to start learning foreign language. Success in competition, growth in business/ job. Misunderstanding with spouse due to extra marital affairs.

Take care of renal disease and knees.

Favorable April, May, August, September, November.


5.      Leo (Simha)Defeat of enemies. Good health. Repayment of loans. Gains from politicians. Beneficial year for students. Expectants will conceive. Change in job. Chances to avail loan for betterment. Good time to start learning foreign language.

Avoid mental stress.

Favorable– February, April, May, August, November, December.


6.      Virgo (Kanya)Believe in karmas/spiritual activities. Betterment of children. Peace at home. Strong relations in inter-caste. Expenditure on renovation/ change in home.

Take care of joints.

Favorable– February, June, September, November, December.


7.      Libra (Tula) Time to listen to your heart. A mixed year with ups and downs. Some health issues. Stability in love affairs and married life. A better financial year. Scope of investment in property. Time to start sadhana after August. Time for short journeys.

Take care of teeth and piles disease.

Favorable– February, April, June, August.


8.      Scorpio (Vrischik)Chances of promotion due to hard work. Good time to achieve goal of life after first half. Polite language will reward. Self-centered attitude. Some stress from children. Unexpected gains in work. Attraction towards opposite sex. Misunderstanding in relation. Favourable time for short and long journeys.

Take care of foot.

Favorable– February, March, April, August, September, November.


9.      Sagittarius (Dhanu)Overall betterment. Marriage bells for singles. Luck will work. Completion of pending work. Un-employed will get desired job. Renovation/ change in home. Pursue further studies. Mind your language. Health issues till August.

Take care of throat.

Favorable– February, May, June, July, September, October.


10.   Capricorn (Makar) Promotion/ transfer. Change in studies/ stream for students. Lack of peace of mind. New investment ideas. Abroad connections. Zig-zacks in profession. Long journey. Investment in shares and mutual funds after September. Take care of spouse health.

Take care of back.

Favorable– January, March, May, August, September, November.


11.   Aquarius (Kumbha) Good financial year. Take care of health. Better chance to find work overseas. Achievement of awards. Children will do better. Disturbance at home. Rise of spiritual activities. Long journey. Time to export goods. Investment in shares and mutual funds till September.

Take care of nervous system.

Favorable– February, April, June, August, October.


12.   Pisces (Meen) Strong decisions at work for benefit. Monetary gain from ancestor property. Victory in legal matters. Rise in wealth. Stress due to children. Expenditure on religious activities.

Don’t depress if time is not favorable.

Favorable– March, April, June, August, September, December.