Uncategorized RAHU Transit in CANCER on 21st August 2017

RAHU Transit in CANCER on 21st August 2017

Shadow planet Rahu transit will occur on 21st August. Rahu will transit from leo to cancer. Affects of Rahu transit in Cancer on your Zodiac Signs are..

(1) ARIES- Your health, mother’s health, education, change in place.

(2) TAURUS- Favourable time to expand work, some misunderstanding in the family.

(3) GEMINI- Financial issues, change in the way of talking, respect for elders.

(4) CANCER- The malefic planet Rahu transit in Cancer sign so need to be careful about your status, important decision of life & work.

(5) LEO- Financial issues due to unnecessary expenses, Journey,
good news related to abroad.

(6) VIRGO- Financial gains, avoid negative thought, scoop in personal growth, love Bell’s.

(7) LIBRA- Beneficial for work, change in work/work place, avoid family disputes.

(8) SCORPIO- Avoid short cuts, disturbance in personal life, invoke of spirituality, long distance Journey.

(9) SAGITTARIUS- Benefits in finance, take care of health, drive carefully, avoid wrong people. Its time to meditate your soul.

(10) CAPRICORN- Disputes in marital life & partnership, extra marital affairs, progress in career.

(11) AQUARIUS- Defeat enemies & win legal matters. Health can suffer, take care of liver & stomach.

(12) PISCES- Rahu affects mental peace, career, studies, children & pregnancy.

Astrologer- Sanjeev Kumar Markan