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श्री संजीव कुमार मारकन जी को पिछले 20 वर्ष से जानता हूँ। मुझे और मेरे परिवार को जब भी कोई संकट आता है तो उस समय पर में उनका मार्गदर्शन लेता हूँ। श्री संजीव कुमार मारकन के मार्गदर्शन से मेरे और मेरे पवार के सभी काम में सफलता प्राप्त होती है। श्री संजीव कुमार मारकन को में शुभकामनाये देता हूँ और हमारे परिवार पर उनका और माता जी का आशीर्वाद बना रहे।

Vijay Makvana
Former A.P.S to Union Minister of Home Affairs
Former P.A to Chief Minister of Maharashtra

I know Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Markan since 2012. He analyzes horoscope thoroughly and gives accurate predictions. His remedies are very helpful. He has always been a great help and guide for me whenever I needed his help. Along with a very astrologer, he is a very genuine and a kind person who cares for everyone. I thank him for all his guidance.

Sachin Jain
Founder, Pragmatic Software Solutions

Sanjeev Kumar Ji has always been a guidance for me. In many situation in my life I have taken his expert opinion. The astrology remedies provided by him are always very useful and effective. I wish him luck for his future and seek his blessings.

Deepak Sharma
IT Consultant, HCL Technologies

Hello Everyone ! My self Manish Chauhan associated with Dish Tv/Dish Infra and just want to share my experience during the time was totally shattered @2010 with the things happened to my beloved family. I literally was going to loose myself that time of period, and seeing my that status of mind and my boss (Lt.Mr. Ajay Arora) personally referred me to Sanjeev Ji), and trust me guys he has not only saved me but also guide me to come out that tough time. Even today I consult him whenever I feel troubled in life. He has given me the second life and i cannot forget that. Lots of love to Sanjeev Ji.

Manish Chauhan, Dish TV

I am Richa from Jabalpur. I met Sanjeev Sir in 2013, at that time I had lots of health issues along with some personal problems. He helped me a lot, not only as astrologer but also like a real adviser. Now we are living a healthy and happy life. Thanks a lot to Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Markan.

Richa, Jabalpur

I came in contact with Sanjeev Kumar Markan in 2012. I was going through a down phase in my Career as well as my Personal life. Sanjeev ji heard me patiently and understood my problems and after detailed analysis of My Horoscope he advised me a Puja to start the remidiation process and from May of 2012 till date i have been
in continous touch with him and with his Guidance, Mentor Ship and Astological advice and By grace of Almighty i have been steadily progressing till date the Best thing about Sanjeev ji is that he is listens to one’s issues with patience and his analysis of the Horoscope is very precise …. all the Puja conducted by his team
of Pandits with complete adherence to Vidhi/Vidhan and i have seen and felt the postive affect of the Puja’s and other remedies. Thanks You very much Sanjeev Ji

Saurabh Kumar Service delivery lead North America
Computer Sciences corporation

My son was suffering from the bad effects of some planets resulted in bad effects on his study and health. When I met with Acharya Shri Sanjeev Kumar Markan jee in Dec. 2017, he suggested performing a special pooja for my son for remedies.  After conducting a special pooja by his team in Jan 2018, good luck of my son started and continued till date. He is a very knowledgeable person in the area of astrology and Vastu. I am very grateful to Shri Sanjeev jee.

With best regards,
Ajay Kumar Srivastava
Vadodara (Gujarat)
The first time, I consulted Sh Sanjeev Ji during a rough patch of my life and fully disoriented not able to find the correct path. He analyzed the horoscope and suggested remedies have a very charismatic effect. He has been a great help and guides for me and my family whenever we needed help. He is very meticulous in the Vedic rituals also very helpful and his remedies are always very effective. As a person I found him very diligent, patient listener and solution-oriented. I wish him success and seek his blessings always.
Vikram Kumar, Head & AVP Business Intelligence Unit SBICAP securities, Mumbai
I have known Sanjeev Markan Ji since the year 2001. Sanjeev Markan Ji is not only an astrologer but has been with me as a friend, philosopher, and guide whenever I have needed his advise and support.
He is a person who has been with me in my good times as well as bad times, has always helped me get out of the difficult situation and go out of the way to help me and my family whatever way possible.
Sanjeev Ji has not only helped me but also my family, friends and any references I have recommended him, he has helped them with every possible way.
Thank you Bhaiya for all your guidance and support and I thank Mata Rani to have a support system available for me whenever I am in need.
May Mata Rani bless you and your family always,
Sanjay Ghatak
Social Sector professional
Whenever & whatever said for someone always falls short of the feelings one carries for him/her.

The same holds true for me when I feel to express my heartfelt gratitude for dear Sanjiv Kumar Markan.
I met Sanjeev Ji after the spring of my life. He is a humble, mild-mannered, always enthusiastic and ever-eager to help anyone by the knowledge GOD has endowed upon him.
In my instance, his astrological forecast for my wedded daughter, the unforeseen repercussions in her life to follow and their remedial steps advised have taken care of her and her son. Every professy resulted so true that all members of my family now have immense belief in him for his wisdom, knowledge about the study of stars as per the Janam Patra.
I  also know his skills about Vaastu, Carrer-analysis, Wealth perspective are commendable.
I wish he carries on with distinguished colours to help many many more people in need.
Truly Yours…..
Dr V K Bakshi