Uncategorized 2018: The Year Ahead for you

2018: The Year Ahead for you

According to your moon sign are as follows:

  1. Prediction for Aries (Mesh) 2018 – Good time for health, marriage, married life & career till 10th October. Chances of break in higher education & take care of father’s health after that. Possibility of reallocation or modification of home, deep involvement in religion and religious activities for the entire year.

Favourable- January, February, June, August, September.

  1. Astrology for Taurus (Vrisha) 2018 – Tough time for profession, investments, health, father, misunderstanding with seniors at work place till 10th October. Take care of your children’s study afterwards. It is a good time for those who are in life insurance, health & legal sector.

Favourable- January, February, March, September, October.

  1. Horoscope for Gemini (Mithun) 2018 – Favorable time to expand business, make new relations, marriage & conceive till 10th October.  After that chances of change of place, residence & modification of home. It’s a good time for abroad connections, take care while spending & mind your language.

Favourable- February, March, April, August, October, November.

  1. Horoscope 2018 for Cancer (Kark) – Better relations with parents and relatives, purchase of new house or renovation of home till 10th October. After that chances for getting married for singles. Good time to expand business in abroad & misunderstanding in married life for the entire year.

Favourable- March, April, May, August, September, November, December.

  1. Leo (Simha) in 2018 horoscope– Good relations with siblings, neighbors, new affair & marriage bells for singles and good understanding with partner till 10th October. After that good time for promotion & financial matters. Possibility of foreign tour, financial gains & students need to put hard work in studies throughout the year.

Favourable- January, April, May, June, August, October, December.

  1. Virgo (Kanya) forecast for 2018  – Appreciation for your good work with promotion & increase in salary, desire to earn supernormal profit by any means till 10th October. After that chances to buy new vehicles & engagement of singles. Purchase of land/ office space, avoid taking unnecessary loans & take care of health throughout the year.

Favourable-  January, February, May, June, July, November.

  1. Horoscope for Libra (Tula) in 2018 – Change of residence, increase in expenditure, loans & your efforts will be fruitful till 10th October. After that take care of your health. Chances of short journeys, gains from politicians, change in job, change of city with family & take care of mother’s health.

Favourable-  February, March, June, July, November.

  1. Scorpio (Vrischik) prediction for 2018  – Indication of overall some tough time. Unexpected expenditure, misunderstanding with father & elders, keep a watch on your child, hurdles in student’s studies, miscarriages, high maintenance cost for vehicles & other technical items till 10th October. After that improvement in children’s education. Possibility of short & long journey and involvement in religious activities for the entire year.

Favourable- January, March, April, July, August, September.

  1. Sagittarius (Dhanu) 2018 prediction – Increase in income, investments, improvement in studies, spend more time on child’s caring till 10th October. After that change in job, expenditure on renovation. Short journey related to work will be beneficial, some misunderstanding with spouse create tension throughout the year.

Favourable- February, April, May, August, September, October.

  1. Astorology 2018 for Capricorn (Makar) – Time for professional growth, more time in hobbies & co curricular activities, good behavior with seniors will be appreciated till 10th October. After that short journey to pilgrimages are expected. Foreign tours can take place, illicit relationship may damage status, take care of your & spouse health.

Favourable- March, May, June, September, October, November.

  1. 2018 horoscope for Aquarius (Kumbha) – Overall good time ahead, growth in profession & income, good news related to children & father till 10th October. After that monetary losses are expected, time to start participation in spiritual activities like meditation. New opportunities will encourage you, time to start export business who are planning of it.

Favourable- April, June, July, October, November, December.

  1. Pisces (Meen) horoscope 2018 – Major change in life ahead, avoid stock market & other high risk business, change of place, take care of health, take time for meditation till 10th October. After that spouse & child will support, favourable decision. Children & spouse activity will dishearten you, change in way of doing work, negative image in society.

Favourable- January, April, May, July, August, November, December.

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